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Feb 19, 2013 9:00pm PST
, and latin-america. including cardinal le nard doe santri. and tim dolan from new york. however, being from a world super power could hurt his chances. it's the first time in six centuries that the cardinals will choose a pope while the previous one is still alive. benedict's resignation shocked the world. the 85-year-old pontiff has slowed down significantly in recent years, but the vatican stressed that no specific medical condition prompted this decision. >> he certainly slowed down a bit. you could tell he had trouble negotiating steps. he started using the cane several months ago. >> reporter: in his announcement, the pope said, quote,"i have had to recognize my incapacity to adequately fulfill the ministry entrusted to me." pope benedict xvi has overseen a series of scandals and controversy, including the sex abuse crisis in the catholic church. his critics charge he was not progressive enough, upset he condemned gay marriage, the ordination of women, and allowing priests to marry. but supporters viewed him as a steadfast leader, and praised him for warning against the subtle influenc
Feb 27, 2013 2:30am PST
in latin america, seen growth in africa, leading to questions, father, about his success so, whether it could be someone who is from africa, from latin america, maybe even dare we say, north america. >> could well be. the church certainly has shifted, as you say, it's suffering in western europe, yet there are 61 cardinals from europe. the college of cardinals that will be voting. the church is exploding in latin america, africa and parts of asia. there are some viable candidates. so, i wouldn't be surprised if the church moved in that direction. and north america, you think of cardinal oulet from quebec, would certainly be a leading candidate. cardinal dolan, possibly. i think the cardinals will look around the world, sure, for a possible candidate. >> right now, they are looking up at the stage and the pope is going to speak in portuguese as he continues his final good-byes to the faithful, speaking in many different languages. there are preparations under way already, something that is, again, as we talked about the historic nature of what we're seeing and the difference from anyt
Feb 12, 2013 4:00am PST
that is very heavily in latin america. about 42% of catholics are in latin america now. they're growing as well in africa. only 25% in europe, but more than half of the cardinals who will come here to vatican city and who will announce a new pope are from europe. so, here's the big question. will there be a different kind of pope? there are candidates from latin america, some are talking about america's timothy dolan but most talk has been on cardinal from nigeria. we're still waiting to hear exactly when that conclave will take place. >> chris, you were there eight years ago when pope benedict was chosen. now there as he abdicates. chris jansing live in rome. >>> turning to weather, some connecticut residents are still digging out from this weekend's big weekend. hamden they cleared 3 feet of snow. some are upset secondary roads were not plowed but the heavy snowfall overwhelmed city work cruise. the storm is blamed for 18 deaths in the u.s. and canada. speaking of weather, let's go now to bill karins, nbc meteorologist. so much to watch over the last four days. >> it looks like another possib
Feb 18, 2013 8:30pm EST
they created. there is more impetus for reform coming particularly from latin america, which has borne the cost of the war on drugs. they are wondering why they are implementing these policies and make things worse in our country, in order for u.s. consumers to have drugs available to them. that just doesn't make sense. so you have a sitting president is opposed to ex-president, those who are calling for a serious debate on drug policy reform, there have been a series of initiatives that we can go into detail on in the discussion that is coming from the region. most significantly, at the request of mexico and colombia and guatemala, the eco- stock has just approved a u.n. general special session taking place in 2016 and will provide the next really serious opportunity for a convention reform. .. they wanted to grow coke in the united states so they could have better access and i think the quote was they want to have greater agricultural knowledge of the plant to be able to tinker with levels of cocaine, tinker with different flavor. so they asked the federal government, right after the conventi
Feb 17, 2013 6:00pm EST
about latin america and the caribbean to the debt is a success to focus on latin america and the caribbean as a region in developing a u.s. policy given the fact that so many of the country's different in so many of them. i think about latin america and the caribbean as a region there's a kind of natural affinity for trade policy. we do share some problems of just the kind of trance national borders to deal with trafficking and arms and drugs until there are reasons to work into the region to be also think that since the organization of the states have a democratic charter we should have a view first and foremost the neighborhood as being democratic once you get beyond the big categories you really are talking about the countries that are very different in how they interact with the globe. brazil thinks of itself of course as a regional leader but brazil is one of the most important emerging economies for the whole global economy it's one of as we call them the bricks the emerging economies that has the chance to structure how the economy is going to look going forward. w
Feb 18, 2013 8:30am EST
latin america which has borne the cost of the u.s. war on drugs. increasingly officials are saying why are we giving these policies that made things much worse in our countries in order for u.s. consumers to have less drugs available to them? that just doesn't make sense to go for the first time you sitting presidents as opposed to ex-presidency like santos in columbia, guatemala, or calling for aces debate on drug policy reform. there been a series of initiatives that we can go into detail on in the discussion but they're coming from the region. but most significantly at the request of mexico, colombia and guatemala, ecosoc, the un's ecosoc has just approved the holding of a u.n. special session. human general assembly special session on drugs which will take place a few years from now, 2016. but provide the next really serious opportunity for convention reform. who knows what will happen? it's too far out, but there is clearly a move for change in the region and that's why the u.s. government is so nervous. thank you. >> i actually want to do one more story your as you were talking,
Feb 11, 2013 5:30am PST
that truly acquired global dimensions. we heard cases in europe, latin america, the united states, and across the world. that is one pressure the papacy has faced. the other one has been perhaps more recent and -- the various financial allegations, allegations of financial mismanagement within the vatican. we will find out more details when the news conference starts at about 15 minutes. but we do know pope benedict xvi himself a few years ago has always said if the pope should feel whatever reason he could not go on, whether moral issues, psychological, or by physical, the pope should resign. people resignations are very rare indeed. if i am not mistaken, the last one to resign was in 1415. so, it is a very strange thing and a very rare thing. >> that is what i wanted to ask you about. we have not had any papal resignation. >> it is a surprise but also, i guess, a big challenge because use live the pope, according to the catholic religion, he is effectively god's representative on earth. not the sort of job you resign from. if you remember, " john paul ii the died in 2005, the predecessor, i
Feb 4, 2013 10:30pm PST
, the middle east, latin america. it has had an impact in countries we do not know enough about. we're doing a project with six editors in latin america to look at how wikileaks has played a role in their politics. >> the media got distracted by the personality issues with julian assange. it is a fascinating, dark, twisted story, whatever is true. " people got obsessed with it. >> that is what happens. >> we have a cover story on the kim kardashian wedding now. [laughter] >> you have to pay the bills. the serious side of kim kardashian. >> i do think it is a problem. we are undertaking a project next year, the kind of project inspired by the works project to have the team across the country of writers, artists, documentarians, photographers to document poverty in this country. it is the 40th anniversary of the book "the other america." we have this human-resources, people who want to do the project. they can do it in a way to tell the human stories. human stories are key. we can use the human stories to tell the story about the structural problems of poverty in the country so it has more tha
FOX News
Feb 12, 2013 2:00am PST
is from ghana he would be the first black pope. one of the strongest candidates from latin america is from brazil. only cardinals under the age of 80 can vote for pope benedict's successor which means 118 are eligible. this morning the two mowning men charged with murdering a chicago teen will make their first appearance in court. police say 20-year-old kenneth williams and 18-year-old michael ward mistook her and her friends for members of a rival gang and shot them in retaliation. >> i am amazed. i am so excited. i am happy that the murder is off t -- murderer off the street. >> she died one week after performing at the president's inauguration. >> such a sad story. president obama presented a brave army receipt van with our nation's highest military award the medal of honor. former staff sergeant was at a combat out post in afghanistan in 2009 when three taliban fighters launched an ambush. it was one of the bloodiest of the war. they called in air support that killed 30 enemy fighters and resiced h -- risked his life to retrieve the bodies of the fallen p. >> they fought valiantly and
Feb 26, 2013 9:00am PST
't crack. it's a christmas miracle! >> this is going out to sweden, italy, latin america, a bunch of places around the world. >> for the eddieification of the viewing public internationally. melissa follows reality television. say it isn't true. >> say it ain't so. >> i'm sorry, it is so. she's in eastern europe where she's quite popular. >> really? >> really. >> obvious question is, why? >> what's the appeal here? >> well, i think the appeal of the show i mean when you sort of get down and you know borough into the psychological layers here it's about unconditional love. you don't have to be successful. you don't have to have your all your teeth but your family will be there and love you. >> there's a lot of reality tv shows out there that exploit parts of american culture, i suppose. look at jersey shore. i once caught my daughter watching the ka dardashians. i suppose you can be sensitive about it, can't we? >> well, i think, look, i mean this -- these are subcultures that you know a lot of us aren't living. so it's interesting to look at them and see how these other people live. you can
Feb 11, 2013 3:00pm PST
the next pontiff will come from latin america or africa. i'd like to see a progressive american become pope and usher this church into the 20th 20th century or maybe the 18th or 19th centuries. if you travel this country and visit churches, as i do, you'll see older congregations and a priest who is not from america more often than not. something that to be done if they want to save this church. i could talk all night about the fact that the c. >> jennifer:celibacy rule is antiquated. it's the man made hang ups of an unauthorized fan club getting in the way of a lot of people. the facebook one religious group in our people are people raised religious and feel spiritual but let down by american religion. >> 24% identify with religion today that they were raised in. i want to ask you about money and the church. i'm going to get skeptical on you. how big a driving force is the ability for a european pope or to a degree an american pope to raise money for the church, where they would avoid latin america, avoid africa, where the fundraising would be a lot more challenging. >> i agree. if you tra
Feb 7, 2013 6:00pm EST
around latin america and the u.s. we will speak with daniel alarcÓn, author of, "lost city radio and annie correal. all of that and more coming up. this is "democracy now!,", the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. the obama administration has agreed to show two congressional panels the stated legal rationale for assassinating u.s. citizens overseas. on thursday, the white house directed the justice department to release a controversial 2010 memo to the house and senate intelligence committees. the memo details the administration's legal justification for targeting the american-born cleric anwar al awlaki, who ultimately died in u.s. drone strike in yemen. the memo's release follows growing calls from lawmakers on both sides of the aisle for access to the administration's guidelines for drone strikes and other attacks targeting u.s. citizens overseas. a bipartisan senate letter demanding the memos earlier this week had accused the white house of "practicing secret law." it also follows this week's leaking of a white memo that allows for the killing of american
Feb 25, 2013 1:40am EST
in latin america and other places that are close allies on many things. yet in the u.n. they will continually vote with the large third world blocks against us on all sorts of things. that's partly because they perceive a value in kind of a stance which puts pressure on the united states to take account of them to sort of take them seriously as a nay sayer can only talk. but talk has some not a lot of influence. and second, because we, for our part, the united states does not feel that it's worth extracting through pressure or -- [inaudible] in their real place per se. in the capital city. and the diplomacy with them and real life with them. in substance of how they behave at the u.n. we don't think the u.n. is that important. we don't wind up forcing them to take account of our positions on things many of which matter us. at least in the general assembly. we don't think it's worth the price we have to pay and the real world relationship with them in their own country. and we don't -- it means there's a disconnect between how we and our allies behave at the u.n. versu
FOX News
Feb 11, 2013 7:00pm EST
in particular from the likes of latin america and africa already beginning the quiet lobbying, if you like, for who should be his successor there are many who want someone from the southern hemisphere. we will have more on that battle for the succession coming up later in the fox report. >> bill: it will be fascinating. you are hearing from other world leaders tonight. what are they saying? >> contributes have been pouring in from around the world today. bill, the secretary general of the united nations weighed in. he paid tribute to what he called, quote: the profound commitment of pope benedict to interfaith dialogue and to addressing such global challenges as the alleviation of poverty and hunger as well as the promotion of human rights and peace. other world leaders express sympathy for the hope. angela merkel of germany saying in our time of ever lengthening life many people will be able to understand how the pope as well has to deal with the burdens of aging. the french president called the pope's decision to resign a courageous and exceptional decision and the british prime ministe
Feb 17, 2013 6:00pm EST
, their speculations that the next pope could come from latin america or an emerging african nation. one thing is for sure -- parishioners will have a new host of the easter and an opportunity to embrace a new leadership and vision for the church. as we move through the lenten season, we look no further from pope benedict xvi and the example he leads that service to other begins with selflessness. for more on the life and leadership of the pope and the upcoming transition, log onto, and click
Feb 7, 2013 6:00pm EST
in latin america. news of a different type in afghanistan. ♪ these children were living on the streets of their country broughty were afghanistan's music institute instrumentso the band by the taliban. many of their teachers are american music instructors that to help them. earlier they practiced at the music center with the youth orchestra and they have their american debut happening right now, tonight, at the kennedy center. we wish them the best. justbig storm is coming, not for us. england, upstate new jersey york city are going to get hit hard. let's get into it. we will start with a time lapse of the cloud cover. this kind of a -- just kind of a damp day. the high so far has been 38. 41 and 42 the high and low. technically, we are below average for the day. record high set five years at 64 degrees. by monday we might be in the 50's. some changes coming. skies and cool temperatures. the north. 40 south and east of the metro region. the 30' into as the storm elements come together, some light rain and be a brief makes. expect any significant impact. the concern is farther to th
Feb 11, 2013 7:00am EST
from latin america. huge news for the region -- whatever happens in the vatican is very closely followed by the area. >> and a reminder how he is seen. appointee. perhaps creating unease -- he has chosen to go. >> he is a priest of priests, the holy father and people pray to him every sunday. to suddenly have him step down, what other catholics think of him, his views, conservative or liberal, it will be a very profound shock. a sudden death in leadership. it is very much a top-down organization. but there were a lot of rumblings now that things need to change in the needs to be more safe for people, including the layman. >> what is likely to happen now? the vatican has spoken about the transition every period being as brief as possible. >> people will be scrambling obviously. we did not know -- of course, it is so extraordinary. but with john paul ii, there years people thought any minute we have to plan for the future. they are talking about a short amount of time. maybe it will be just weeks before they have a new gathering of all of the cardinals in order to vote in a new po
Feb 11, 2013 12:00pm EST
that seemed to be offensive to muslims jews and latin americas. still he will be remembered for his efforts in strengthening the catholic church, and its core beliefs. >> his legacy will be having followed pope john paul ii. (audio difficulty) (audio difficulty) (audio difficulty) that region represents 42% of the 1.23 billion catholics around the world. >>> pope benedict was inaugurated in 2005 and for the first time in recent history the leader of the catholic church is leaving while he is still alive. stacey cohen has been following the story since it broke early this morning. she is joining us live now from northwest washington with more information, clearly, clearly, this is a shock to all of his followers. what are you hearing? >> reporter: well j.c., it has been a shock not only to the 1.2 billion catholics worldwide but to noncatholics alike. when you think this is something that hasn't taken place since the 1400s, when a pope resigned for entirely different reasons, i mean it is clearly unexpected. although he has been ill for the past year or so, and there was some speculation tha
Feb 3, 2013 2:00pm EST
region, like in latin america where we ratified free trade agreements with colombia and panama and we're using economic tools to address strategic challenges, for example, in afghanistan, because along with the security transition and political transition, we are supporting an economic transition that boosts the private sector and increases regional economic integration. it's a vision of transit and trade connections we call the new silk road. a related lever of power is development and we are helping developing countries grow their economies not just through traditional assistance but also through greater trade and investment, partnerships with the private sector, better governance and more participation from women. we think this is an investment in our own economic future and i love saying this because people are always quite surprised to hear it, seven of the 10 fastest growing economies in the world are in africa. other countries are doing everything they can to help their companies win contracts and invest in emerging markets. other countries still are engaged in a very clear and
Feb 11, 2013 6:00pm PST
college of cardinals will vote for the new pope. the greatest growth has been in latin america. >> it would be interesting to have a pope from africa or asia or from latin america. and my guess is that that probably i have no insider knowledge. >> a spokesman praised pope benedict for making a difficult decision. >> this is an act of boldness on the part of this pope. and also, an act of great humility. >> for some that criticized the pope for not articulating sup for immigration report. >> he hasn't talked about that. students graduate and don't have the opportunity to work. >> people are living longer lives but popes lead a stressful life z age 85 going on 86 he decided to take life easier. >> authorities are investigating hundreds of tips after offering a $1 million reward for a disgruntelled excop on the run looking for christopher dorner want forward three murders in the last eight days. last sign was last weekder including three counts of attempted murder. riverside county district attorney issued an arrest warrant for christopher dorn year this individual by both his wor
Feb 12, 2013 6:00am EST
ready to deliver all over the world. they expect to transport 95 million flowers from latin america. looking for a lovely lady, women outnumber men in the bethesda area, followed by washington, d.c. at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king, bloomberg news, for wbal-tv 11 news. >> severe aortic stenosis is a narrowing of the heart valve which interferes with blood flow. how a new procedure is helping those high risk patients get the replacement valves they need. >> she loves getting around, especially with her grandchildren. she was not feeling well a year ago. >> really tired. i would do a little bit of something and that would have to sit down. >> the doctor says she had severe aortic stenosis from an aging of valve one out from opening and closing with every heartbeat. >> as it heals from being damaged, it becomes hard at the opening becomes restrictive. that can lead to a multitude of symptoms and requires a mechanical solution. >> that mechanical solution -- transcatheter aortic valve replacement. traditional open-heart surgery is too risky and often medication is not enoug
FOX News
Feb 12, 2013 6:00am PST
black pope, and the first -- there are those from latin america as well. after that bill is where it gets interesting. not since gregory the 12th in 1416 have they had a situation where there is a former pope and a pope. so the many people are asking about what the role of the pope will be once he steps down. it's my understanding he will not go into seclusion, according to his aid he'll live in a cloistered monastery in the very back of vatican city, and he'll continue to write. the question remains if he has a matter on doctrine about which he writes and the new hope whomever he may be has a different thought, whether there might be some sort of division within the church. they say they are not concerned about this at all, this is not a man who has ever sought political power or anything like that and they believe that he will just write and pray and live out his days in a monastery in the back of vatican city. that will be something that no one of course has seen in many centuries, but there doesn't seem to be a lot of concern about it around here e. says according to his aides
Feb 18, 2013 10:30am EST
up of so-called developed countries unlike latin america in the '80s and '90s and asia in the late 1990s that any of the lessons that a lot of the people in this audience learned, you know, from those two crises and other ones in turkey and -- i could run on, east and central europe -- were not valid for them. because they were so-called developed economies. and so what i thought i would do here is just run through some of the lessons that we learned there that i think, you unfortunately, should have been looked at by the europeans. and they're only now starting to realize that they could have cut down this present negative situation because, let's face it, europe as a whole with a few exceptions is in either recession or stagnation. first, each country is unique and a cookie cutter approach does not work. this is something they didn't want to see. obviously, greece got into a situation by longtime mismanagement on the fiscal side, dragged the banks in. in the case of ireland, it was the banks that dragged sovereign in, much different i. wilbur is an expert on that. in the case of
Feb 12, 2013 7:00am PST
ii. he's also a salpesian. so he's very involved in education. he knows in latin america world. an impressive man with a wide-ranging experience and a very fine mine mind. so ouellet is a major player, i would say. >> there is some speculation, as well, about cardinal timothy dolan from new york. now, he's a very new cardinal, but he has a way about him that a lot of people find very engaging, in a time when, of course, a lot of people believe the church needs to reengage, the way pope john paul ii did. what do you think the realistic chances are for cardinal dolan? >> i think realistically, they're slim. i'm a big dolan fan. he catches that spirit, you know, of john paul ii, the outreach to the wider world. i think in himself, he's an extraordinary strong candidate. i think his being an american would tell very much against him. i doubt they'd give the papacy to, you know, an american that the lone superpower in the world. but, you know, he's an impressive character. and i think he would bring an awful lot to that office. but, realistically, i would say his chances are slim. >
Feb 28, 2013 9:00am PST
%, now live in latin america, and in the last century catholic simple in africa has grown dramatically. less than 1% of the church's worldwide membership to 16% in the past eight years alone. sorry. in the past at years alone the number of catholics in africa has spiked 21%, so if the balance is shifting, will the church? it has been 1,500 years since the church had a pope from africa, and there has never been a black pope. in the upcoming conclave there will be two candidates who might fill the bill ghana's peter turkson and -- there is also speculation about at least five latin american candidates, three of whom come from brazil. joining us now on pope watch from washington is msnbc contributor washington post columnist and senior fellow of governance studies at the brookings institute, the very accomplished and very wonderful e.j. deon. e.j., it's great to have you on the show. >> great to be with you. i love your prayerful beginning of this show. it was very appropriate to both the conclave and the sequester. >> well, yes. we're trying to tie it all up with a bow. even at the start
Feb 7, 2013 11:00pm EST
us, chinese new year will be behind us. we see china picking up. latin america was the strongest growth region for two years in a row, slowed down last year because of argentina. we haven't talked about africa which is another place where global capital flows are coming in in ways we have never seen before. >> let's talk about china for a moment. we see china as having a big year in 2013. a lot of people had penalized your stock, taken it down to the -- well at that point into the 50s because they felt you were overexpanding in china. you're probably as a percentage of what people are putting their capital in, the highest of any of the companies i follow in terms of commitment to china? >> well, we're long term bullish on china. today, we have more hotel rooms in china than we do in europe. we have a third of our corporate growth coming from new hotels in china. by the way, these are great hotels. they're great management contracts and nobody wants our capital there. this is all cashless growth with local money being invested. >> now, there's also a perception both with china and
Feb 8, 2013 3:00am EST
aren't, a resurgence in china. you're well positioned. an incredible comeback in latin america, particularly mexico. europe's stabilizing. i say it's good. in that environment, you have -- you have correctly placed your hotels. >> well, it's really interesting. for us, our business is so dependent on economic activity, business confidence and consumer confidence. you're exactly right. january in china our rev par numbers were up 6%. that's after a slow down. the government transitions almost behind us, chinese new year will be behind us. we see china picking up. latin america was the strongest growth region for two years in a row, slowed down last year because of argentina. we haven't talked about africa which is another place where global capital flows are coming in in ways we have never seen before. >> let's talk about china for a moment. we see china as having a big year in 2013. a lot of people had penalized your stock, taken it down to the -- well at that point into the 50s because they felt you were overexpanding in china. you're probably as a percentage of what people ar
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Feb 11, 2013 11:00pm PST
, jon. almost half of current catholics live in latin america. they're breeding like rabbits. they can't help it. they're literally not allowed to help it. and when you combine a religious ban on birth control, jon, with the fiery passion of the latino culture, aye carumba, jon, it's muy caliene >> jon: the pope will be okay with this? >> maybe not, jon. lets not rule out what vatican watchers are calling the full lenoson aero. benedict steps down promising his job to a younger guy. after looking at a lowly future with no children and just his huge collection of pope mobiles for company he comes back a few months later demanding his old job. >> jon: or benedict says the new job can have his job but he keeps on blessing people an hour before his successor >> exactly, jon. if that happens i'm going full team popo over this. b)%p >> jon: welcome back. as parts of the country recover from the snowstorm there with, what do you call it, nemo... start naming snowstorms. another disaster sent shock waves through the northeast >> dozens of students have been disciplined over a cheating scandal
Feb 2, 2013 4:30pm EST
of giving the private sector involved early on, and we showed this both in latin america and asia, the asian financial crisis, korea being a good example, i think is very, very, i think, important. so, those are the lessons learned from elsewhere that the europeans are not just turning the lights into the fourth year. but what needs to be done going for? because that is what really is, i think, important. i think three things need to be done. first of all, you need to get this banking union and has been talked about most of last year actually accomplished because you need to break the tide between sovereign and rate -- banks india to get the banks backed lending. we still don't see that's officially in europe carries so you need to get this bank in union arranged. originally was supposed to be -- i was a question -- questionnaire on july 26 when the famous historic statement that he would do everything possible at the ecb to make sure that the euro got through this problem. and i was designated as a questionnaire to ask him about the banking union. and at that point he was very optimistic. k
Feb 11, 2013 6:30pm PST
by the holy spirit. if it were up to me, i think it should be someone from latin america or perhaps even africa. that would bring a whole new spirit into the church and it could be very beneficial, particularly in europe, to have that kind of outside influence. >> thank you so much, john. and now look at some of the controversy. when he took the helm in 2005, the catholic church was in the midst of one of its most difficult times in history. >> several sex abuse scandal came to light. >> the pope faced other struggles. let's take a look back at his legacy. >> it was the new 19th of april, 2005, that joseph ratzinger became the first german pope in nearly 500 years. >> the cardinals have chosen me, a humble laborer in the lord's vineyard. i>> it was the life devoted to the church. he was born in a tiny village in upper bavaria. his family was devoted catholic. he studied theology and rose quickly through the ranks of the church. he became known for his humility and develop a large following. at world youth day in cologne, his mission was to unite faith with reason. the pope wanted to prom
Feb 12, 2013 6:30pm PST
paulo is also considering a possible successor. he represents latin america's fast-growing catholic community. benedict has only a few weeks left in office before the world's catholics must say goodbye to his papacy. >> with that growing speculation about a successor, many people are still wondering about current post -- pope's declining health. as the world's 1 billion catholics come to grips with the news, some are hoping the next pope will be younger. >> tourists waited in line, but it was far from business as usual at st. peter's square. reporters from around the world have come here as well. on tuesday, the vatican spokesman held a press conference. he said pope benedict made his decision to resign after his trip to new mexico and cuba last march. >> this trip, combined with the witness that comes with old age, led him to his decision to resign. >> the pope's brother said benedict had thought the matter over carefully. >> it is his view that he cannot responsibly perform his duties as long as he does not have his full strength and that it requires someone younger with more powe
Feb 19, 2013 6:30pm PST
potential in growth markets like latin america and asia. rising sales there are more than making up for falling sales in europe. >> champions league action kicks off in just a few moment time. bayern munich take on english club arsenal with the odds stacked firmly in favor of the germans. >> the team has not conceded a goal in competitive place since mid-december, but london is promising passion on the pitch as the gunners pursue their last chance in the season to end a trophy trout stretching all the way back to 2005. >> unlike bayern munich, and now only have the champions league title to play for. out of the cup and out of contention in the english premier league, they need a big performance against the bavaria's to quiet the critics. >> of course, we will try to score goals. but we tried to go forward and tried to score goals. >> in london, they are hoping to continue their solid season. >> of course, the champions league is something special. the best teams in europe compete in it, so the play is at a much higher level than in the bundesliga, depending on the circumstances, of
Feb 12, 2013 6:00am PST
, or latin america. >>> there's rough weather in the southern u.s. this past weekend and more is on its way. meteorologist robert speta is here with the latest. robert? >> gene, on sunday, we saw some really severe weather across the gulf states. hattiesburg, a tornado ripped through at the intensity of an ef-4. that is some destructive winds. i want to show you some of the destruction in the photos here, coming out of hattiesburg, shot on monday morning due to the tornado that ripped through on sunday night, and at least 100 homes damaged. dozens of people injured as this tornado blew through the area, really some absolutely serious footage coming out of there. now it looks like the severe weather is starting to wind down as far as very destructive tornadoes there is still a threat along the gulf coast, going through the next 24 hours. this storm system developing up and starting to push off toward the east in oklahoma. texas, you will see heavy snowfall. out ahead of it, it will put in the warm air from the gulf of mexico. flash flooding, but along the coastline, damaging winds, hail, and
Feb 26, 2013 6:00am PST
. they're hoping that will boost the number of line users in latin america and asia. the service marked a milestone of 100 million users in january but more than 40% of them are in japan. the users -- or its use of smart phones is expected to spread rapidly in emerging markets led by low priced models. we'll see how these services do in these countries. >>> syria's foreign minister says the government is ready for dialogue. but opposition forces are skeptical. they've been working to form a professional government. foreign minister met in moscow with his russian counterpart lagrov. he said the syrian government will talk with anyone, even those holding weapons. an opposition activist told nhk the assad administration is not serious about dialogue. he suggested the foreign minister is trying to buy time so syrian troops can continue their attacks. leaders of the opposition syrian national coalition insist president assad must be removed as a precondition for any talks. the conflict in syria has dogged diplomats and governments around the world for nearly two years. the deputy secretary-g
Feb 11, 2013 5:30pm PST
of europeans and americans practice the faith -- it is growing in latin america, africa and asia. >> what we need is an evangelical pope. by which i mean someone who declares the gospel strongly, boldly, confidently. a pope with a great pastoral heart, a pope with tremendous communication skills. >> reporter: speculation about potential successors includes a sizeable european contingent. three italian cardinals and schonborn of austria. but if the conclave would look to a leader where the church is growing, there's cardinal odilo scherrer. of brazil, the largest diocese in the country. cardinal turkson and marc ouellet. the former archbishop of quebec city, who now leads the congregation of bishops. at the pope's request, he went to ireland last year to meet with victims of sexual abuse. now the lone american being talked about new york's cardinal dolan. he downplayed his chances this morning and some observers say the cardinal would be leery of a pope from a super power. brian, one thing to remember, benedict xvi saw the impact of disease on john paul ii and the impact that had on the churc
Feb 12, 2013 12:35am PST
candidate from latin america. and new york's affable cardinal dolan is being mentioned though many believe a superpower pope from the u.s. is unlikely and he dismissed the idea. with diane sawyer. >> what are the odds of a north american and you were asked, what about you? >> is this abc evening news or comedy central? >> reporter: it will be a momentous and mysterious process set in motion today by the quiet historic words of the servant of the servant of god, as they say, a man who simply decided it was time. >> our thanks to terry moran. >>> coming up next, she's only just cracked her 20s but has her second oscar nod. for "silver linings playbook." jennifer lawrence on fame, parties and that slippery ladder of hollywood stardom. [ male announcer ] at his current pace, bob will retire when he's 153, which would be fine if bob were a vampire. but he's not. ♪ he's an architect with two kids and a mortgage. luckily, he found someone who gave him a fresh perspective on his portfolio. and with some planning and effort, hopefully bob can retire at a more appropriate age. it's not rocket scie
Feb 22, 2013 11:00am PST
challenges in asia, china, latin america, and africa. >> part of the world has been heard from and the challenge, really, is trying to figure out what the first things are he will do. >> her book is "prague winter, a personal story of remembrance and war," with more than 1,000 people waiting if three hours to get her autograph. dan ashley will speak with her today in san francisco. >> a message of perseverance is inspirational. >> we are all looking forward to the weekend. with the big lunar new year celebration in redwood city tomorrow downtown, and you will emcee? >> yes, at the family friendly event. >> maybe easier to get there than the one in china town, wherever you go the weather will be great. no need to worry about wet weather. now, you can see live doppler 7 hd shows it is dry. no radar returns. sprinkles are possible overnight from this system up to the north, and notice, though, the radar runs from here moving west to east rather than north to south and it will slide down the tail end of the cold front and so we my have a sprinkle. here we are in south beach toward
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